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"An NMRA member qualifies as a Master Model Railroader when he or she has obtained at least seven of the eleven Achievement Certificates provided that he or she has earned at least one Achievement Certificate in each of the four areas of the Regulations. Earning the title of Master Model Railroader is the ultimate goal for many participants in the Achievement Program."

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Structure Model 2 - ATSF Sanding Tower in San Bernardino, California

Almost the same time as the Protection depot I started another structure, which I could not take with my on my carry on baggage to the US, so I presented it also at the British Region convention in Kegworth.

The Santa Fe Sandhouse that ones stood in San Bernardino is a very impressive structure with a large sandbin and sanding tracks along both sides of it.

To build it I used the plans from Peter Youngbloods book "Modeling Cajon Pass"

Like on most of my structures I used Evergreen Sheet Styrene.

The Sandhouse received 96 points in the AP judging and took 1st place in the contest.

Here's the score:

Construction: 32/40
Detail: 17/20
Conformity: 20/25
Finish: 16/25
Scratchbuilding: 11/15

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